Find training providers who can best address your specific business challenge. TrainerAdvisor is the Michelin Guide and TripAdvisor for the training industry, with a searchable database containing more than 3,000 supplier profiles and 2,000 training case studies across all industries and subject areas, rated by your peers and independent experts.

Why TrainerAdvisor

Brought to you by the team at KnowledgePool, TrainerAdvisor is a subscription service with packages for individuals and corporates.

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Features at a glance

  • More than 3,000 profiles of the UK's leading training providers across all subjects and industry sectors
  • Powerful search tools
  • Detailed customer references and member feedback
  • Tools to scrutinise suppliers' recent performance at a glance
  • Comprehensive database of case studies
  • Benchmark prices
  • Up-to-date market leaders' performance